Gifts For STEM Kids

Did you ever wonder what to buy your student, child, or grandchild to help them improve their STEM abilities? I wanted to share some of my favorite toy purchases that my kids and now my grandkids love. Many of the items below are newer versions, but have fun colors and are now magnetic.  I was surprised to see that the marble maze was still around. The marble maze was a favorite of my children, and the older grandkids still  enjoy it. 

It wasn’t easy to find pink Legos thirty years ago, but now there are a lot of choices and colors! My granddaughter still enjoys the addition cards, and I feel everyone with young children should have them (or make some) to help with memorization. Cars and trucks are always favorites and help with imaginative play. I like the mat because it rolls up and can be stored easily in a closet. As you can tell, all of these toys encourage problem-solvingmemorizationor creativity. The bunny is adorable and helps with empathy and kindness. I’ll add more to my list as I continue working on “Mrs. Wiggles.”  Check back soon!

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