Recepient of the Gold Literary Titan Book Award

When a sweet old teacher stands in her schoolhouse, she realizes she is all alone; her students have long since grown up. There was a breeze of magic that flowed through her schoolhouse, and all the numbers suddenly came to life around her. She once more had a class to teach!


All the numbers one to nine dance around and introduce themselves. When zero comes out, he is worried that no one wants him around, but Mrs. Wiggles and the rest of the numbers all show zero just how valuable and needed he is in the number world.


Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers: Counting Book for Children, Math Read Aloud Picture Book is a whimsical and entertaining children’s book that will delight preschoolers through early elementary level kids. The lyrical prose in the story is told in makes it fun to read out loud, and the illustrations will keep everyone giggling. Each page has its number represented with items; for example, number two has two rubber duckies floating in the sink. Children will have fun searching each page to find the item that represents the number on the page.


Aside from teaching children about counting and numbers, this picture book has a wonderful lesson about how everyone has value and is important. There is a strong message of friendship and helping each other on these pages.


Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers is a well-written and illustrated picture book for children ages baby to seven years old. It would make a wonderful addition to a classroom or home library.”  Literary Titan (March, 2023) ★★★★★


Teacher Quotes


“I love your book! It is full of colorful and fun illustrations that the kids will love too!”

“Teachers will often use the same book as a class read-aloud to model different concepts in a book, and this one could be used for teaching many different lessons.”

“A ten-frame could be used to show how the number changes when adding 0, and then later use multiple ten-frames to count by 10s.”

“Even in preschool, teachers are beginning to teach rhyming concepts, and for the six-year-old introducing alliteration could be a fun lesson with your book.”

“Starting with number recognition and counting for the younger child which is your main idea, and then again using objects for one-to-one correspondence with the written form.”

“. . . discussing with the kids how the number characters show kindness and inclusiveness with one another. I love how you wove those ideas into the story.”

“It’s a great book!”

Gina Rae Mitchell, Professional Reviewer


“Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers” is an adorable book.


The story itself and the illustrations are exceptionally well
done. The colors are bright, making the numbers jump off the page. The prose is
a perfect match for the pictures.

I found the rhymes simple and easy for early readers to handle.
The story makes learning fun. It also teaches compassion as the numbers help
one of their own feel included.

Isn’t it amazing all you can do with the numbers 0 – 9?

If you don’t have a little one in your life to share this book
with, it would be a great gift for any library, school, church, or daycare.”

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