Snowy Day Activity

Another snowy day? Here’s a quick and easy activity that keeps children of all ages busy for hours. You will need the following:

  • plain paper (larger is better but not necessary)
  • age-appropriate scissors, 
  • plus some old catalogs or magazines
  • glue (optional)

Give the children magazines and age-appropriate scissors. Let them choose their favorite images. Help them find a subject that they’re interested in already, such as cars, fashion, animals, etc.


You can help younger children find colors (anything blue) or objects (puppies, people with glasses).  If cutting is too tricky, ripping out the page first is often helpful before using scissors or even tearing works!  


They can embellish their collage using markers, crayons, stickers, or anything else you have around the house (feathers, buttons, noodles).  Even drawing mustaches on the cutout people is allowed. Just have fun!


The key is that they pick out what they find the most interesting, and they use fine motor skills to cut out the items.

It’s also a great conversation starter to be able to ask them questions about why they chose specific images. 


Maybe you’ll even get a few quiet moments to look at the magazines before passing them on to the children! Enjoy!

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